Monday, September 12, 2005

Big round ass and big tits

Big tits round ass. Big tits and round asses are all arround us! I love big tits and if they have a round ass even better. There's nothing like banging a big tit chick with a round ass! Why don't you try some big tits round asses?

Vanessa's beatiful, sexy, gorgeous ass is the latest addition to Big tits and round asses. I love this girl. Lets start with her ass. Great, bubble, juicy, ass. Then her tits. Big round jugs for your viewing pleasure. Then her beutiful pussy...see more >

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Friday, September 02, 2005

lisa has some nice ass and tits

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Added: Thursday September 01, 2005

The latest update for bigtitsroundasses really reinforces the concept of our site. Lisa has lucious tits and a beautiful round bubble butt. This girls body all around is smokin. She gave a great blowjob! I loved the way she sucked cock. She sucked hard, like she wanted every last drop of cum in her mouth. The sex was that way also. It was very intense. Preston banged her doggystyle, mish, and from the side. That was fun to watch! In the end the cum ended up all over her face and her tits. It was great none the less! Take a look for yourself!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stella has some big ass and big tits

Another day another big tit and ass girl to film. That's how I was feeling before I saw Stella. What a beautiful creature. I was impressed with her turquoise eyes and her cute chubby cheeks. Her body was close to perfect.

She had flawless tits and a tight ass. I loved her humble personality. She gave a very slow and sensual blowjob.

The sex was hot! She and Alex were so into each other they even shared a passionate kiss. It was very sexy.

Alex came all over her tits for a nice bonus. Watch the movie, and enjoy.

There are three types of us guys in the world. Guys who love big tits, guys who love beautiful round asses, and guys who love both. I am the kind of guy who loves all three...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Big Ass Four Times

I know I have a bad reputation when it comes to not telling the ENTIRE truth .. especially when my Bang Bros. fam is involved...

so I figured I'd use that to my advantage and test their loyalty... I rounded up all the boys..

Preston, JT, Gonz, even Butders.. and had them all put on blindfolds and wait for further instructions.. if they did it.. which I'm surprised they did... they'd be rewarded with 4 great pieces of bubble butt ass in their faces...

man o' man.. what a time this turned out to be! Can you imagine not knowing what's going on and suddenly having a round juicy ass backed up into your face?!

All sorts of pussy juice being squirted as my Bang Bros. meat market came thru like a squad of thoroughbreds! This is definitely an instant classic! Enjoy! continue here


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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Michelle Has That Big Ass Parade Ass

Butters and I were on Lincoln road catching a capoeira demonstration when we met her. I spotted her right after the show.

You couldn't miss her. First of all, she's pretty tall, but what I noticed was her ass.

This girl has an amazing ass. I mean she we even put her on Assparade, so you know she's got a booty. I'm talking a beautiful black girl... well, mostly black. She said she was also Native American and Irish.

I don't know how all of those folks hooked up, but it mixed great. I told her that I would take her shopping if she tried on some outfits for us, and she accepted.

She probably thought she was gonna get some new shirts or something, but Butters and I picked out the smallest panties we could find and had her try them on. She gave me a great show in the fitting room.

Did I mention that she has a great ass? She had it shaking so much I'm surprised the building didn't come down. She also showed me her tits, and her pussy right there in the store.

And wouldn't you know it, she's got the camel toe, and take it from me, I'm Mr. Cameltoe. Anyways, she agreed to hangout for the night, so we took her back to the house. She gave us another "fashion show", and this time it lead to sex. Lucky ass Butters got to fuck this hot momma.

She gave him a mean blowjob, and them he sent that fat ass splashing all over the place. Then he gave her a messy facial. Oh, and did I mention she has a great ass? Watch the movie...

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Sonya's Big Tit Job and Big Ass

Sonya is a sexy white girl with some massive big tits.

She was a refreshing change in that we didn’t have to find her, she came to us.

Apparently she’d always wanted to suck a big black cock and hoped we would help her live her fantasy.

We were more then happy to oblige – watch the full video of Sonya sucking this big black hard on as it rubs between her big tits...

until he cums all over her lips. It was a win win situation all round!

And Man! What A nice big tits she has...

And a Round ass to go with it

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Big Round Ass Huge Tits

This week on the latest Big tits round asses movie, we caught up with Anna and her huge breasts. This girls tits are what makes this job so much fun.

We give you a solid twenty minutes of nothin but big ass and tit play. This girls tits aren't her only asset.

She can suck a dick like a professional despite being an big tits and ass amatuer.

Anna also has a sweet, plump ass and a wet pussy.

Watch as her pussy and big ass tits gets pounded on by Preston from all sides and angles.

Then enjoy as Preston unleashes one of his killer loads on this girls face and tits. It's definetly one of the best updates this year. Check it out for yourself.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Big Ass Ready For Action

Big ass is here... has seen its share of hot girls.

Chrissie is one of the hottest. Her tits are perfect. Her body is all killer no filler.

Then there's that beautiful face. Her eyes are blue like the sky.

As she gave Alex a blowjob she kept starring up at him. What a lucky guy! The sex was intense.

They made an obvious connection because the sexual chemistry was sizzling.

I think it was her cameltoe that made Alex want to bang the hell out of her. She had a perfect pussy.

The cum ended up all over her rack.

There’s no doubt this is one of the best BTRA movies to come out in a while. Dig in!!!


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Ass parade episode: big ass

Sophie Dee in the place to be with a big ass! That was the vibe on this beautiful South Beach afternoon as PP and I met up with this gorgeous Brit broad.. I fucking LOVE that accent.. makes me feel all proper... so yeah.. once we were back at the spot... the ass worshipping was on and poppin'! This chick has some of the nicest pair of natural breasts I've had the chance to drool over.... and when it came down to the main event..

the big ass... it was a wrap! Bubble Butt Brits are hard to come by.. but Sophie represented lovely for the UK .. from the messy blowjob to the steamy sex film fiasco that followed.. good shit ya'll!